The Role Of Plumbing In Odour Control

Imagine how bad can a smelly drain make your day feel? Drain odours are a result of many different things in a home. Plumbing plays a significant role in any oduor you get at your home. This means that when your plumbing system is not well done or is damaged, you will experience extreme bad oduor in your home, but when it is frequently inspected and checked, you will not experience any foul odour at your home. This is to say that plumbing determines the odour at your home or property. However, if you might have issues with this and need odour control in your home, there are ways you can easily do it. The following ways can help you get rid of foul odour at home:

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Refill your plumbing trap

When the water in your plumbing trap evaporates, it becomes messy; a lousy odour will be felt everywhere. It doesn't matter when last you used your drain, be it the kitchen drain, bathroom, or any drain connecting water areas in your house. As long as the drain is connected to the sewer line, it needs regular refilling; remember, if the drain is not used for even a few hours, it will evaporate quickly and bring odour issues to your home. How do you fix this issue? Consider refilling it after some time by just running water for at least 15 seconds. If it is your bathroom drain, leave the shower open to run and let it drain; for toilets, you can fix this by a single flush.

Check your garbage disposal.

If you realize that the foul odour is coming from your kitchen drain and refilling the Plumbing trap is not working, you should consider running your kitchen garbage disposal. Rotting food and other kitchen garbage might be causing you the problem, and when you notice this, it is time to fix it; it is simple, like how fixing the drain was. Run your kitchen valve for seconds as you turn on your kitchen garbage disposal and let the water run for 15 seconds. This allows your disposal to eliminate any food materials that have stayed there long. Another way of getting rid of these foul smells is by using lemon or any strongly scented fruit. Cut the fruit into small pieces, throw them inside the garbage, and turn on the system. The fruit cleans your garbage disposal as it masks the bad smell you feel. It is among the cheapest ways of odour control.

Use baking soda

The reaction between baking soda and vinegar produces a cleaning power that can help you eliminate plumbing odours from your home. When you notice a bad odour coming from any drains at your home, you only need to pour baking soda into the blocked drain and add a few tablespoons of white vinegar. Block the drain or close it tightly for some seconds and leave the reaction to occur; dislodge the blocked parts and scrub off all the smelly residue in your drain.

Final thoughts

Plumbing odours can be easily controlled at home; sometimes, you do not need to call an expert to help you through. If the plumbing system is not damaged, you can use the above methods for odour control.